J24 Nationals 2015

The J24 Nationals this year were part of the annual regatta held down in Plymouth. The turn out for the event was promising with 18 J24’s entered, far better than previous years. The weather forecast looked on the blustery side over Friday calming down Saturday and Sunday.

The girls; Sophie, Georgie, Nina & Beth, made their way down after work on Thursday evening meeting their 5th crew member Izzy from Bristol at the club. A swift registration and weigh in saw us 52kgs light for the weekend, not ideal for a windy Friday.

Friday kicked off with some fabulous and somewhat tricky sailing conditions, 16-17knots with big swells and chop, but champagne conditions with the sun shining! The first day saw some collisions, mark hitting, protests and no surprise some black flag starts! We ended the day with a 12th, 8th & 11th, much room for improvement but no real crew issues or muck ups!!

Day two saw us going in as the 1st place Westerly, Jiffy was hot on our heals with just a couple of points in it. Much lighter airs and tidal conditions saw the Plymouth boats with an upper hand on local knowledge. Improvements were made for us through the day with our results improving. 16th, 13th and finishing with a very nice 7th place – super pleased!! During the races we also managed to swap boats with the very well know Kerr Keronimo – she’s somewhat bigger and more spacious! The guys were happy to have us onboard while two of their guys sailed off in the J, secretly we know they preferred the J24!

Day three we were still managing to hold onto our 1st place westerly, pretty good going considering it was our first event together, and we have one that had never been on a J24 before – although you wouldn’t be able to tell that from her excellent skills! With more wind than forecast the first race kicked off – again no surprise a general recall, we’re all keen in the J fleet!! 15knots of breeze, slightly more chill in the air but flatter water & the first race kicked off. It was all to play for at the front of the fleet. Duncan McCarthy, David Cooper & Roger Morris with just a few points between them all saw them battling for first place going into the final day. The Westerly’s were still battling it out with just one point!!

The racing was tense, lots of protests, shouting, mark roundings and raft ups….luckily we stayed clear of all of this but it’s always good to see such competition. Duncan and his crew proved their Europeans title by finishing the day with two 1st to claim the National Championships title of 2015. David Cooper and his crew managed to take second place, and Roger Morris in third.

We weren’t very happy with our final day performance, finishing the day with an 11th & 15th, claiming our 2nd place Westerly, 12th overall & first females.

Overall we take a huge amount of positives from the weekend, with a fresh crew and a not so race-ready boat we were actually happy with our performance. Lots to work on for next time!!

Well done to the girlies!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to David Cooper for lending us his Westerly ‘Red Alert’ & to Roger Morris for lending us a set of his sails!!! It couldn’t have happened without you!

Find the full results at http://www.halsraceresults.com/crs/crs.aspx?DSKey=1089&SeriesKey=4

Spinny hoist Close Racing J24 Nationals Smiles

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